Tama Lakes Track, Wellington, New Zealand

Lake Taupo, New Zealand’s largest lake is filling the massively collapsed crater. Our mountains, forests and lakes are home to loads of great hikes, bike trails and other adventures. About an hour into your walk, you’ll reach Taranaki Falls.

  • The lower path offers a great view of the water-worn gorges at the Wairere Stream.
  • It is a beautiful day with unforgettable scenery along the river.
  • There are many great hiking trails, bike trails, and other adventures in our mountains, forests, and lakes.
  • The older lavas were likely erupted as domes and the younger lavas were probably fed from vents to the north, now buried by the much younger Mt Ngauruhoe.
  • It becomes so complete away from the park’s busy pockets that you can stop chopping over gravel and screeching to hold your breath and instead find a wall full of silence.

Were formed by avalanche debris during one of Mt Ruapehu’s more active periods. Let’s get you started Near this location, Lavas that form the southern edge of Lower Tama Lake’s southern rim were found in Mt Ruapehu approximately 50,000 years ago.

Historic Waihohonu Hut

It can be explored extensively by the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, just like Ngauruhoe. It is also part of a marine preserve, which means that there are excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities. The island itself is rich with subtropical flora and fauna as well as birdlife. New Zealand is comprised of three main islands. However, it also has more than 600 smaller islands, including the Kermadec Islands. The main island of the Kermadec Islands is Raoul Island, a huge volcano that had its last significant eruption in 2006. We have made it our mission to explore every corner and share our experiences with the world. A day walk in the stunning surrounds of Tongariro National Park is perfect for blasting away those winter cobwebs, and embracing the crisp, spring air.

The high ground just south of the Northern Circuit track is lava that erupted from Saddle Cone, a crater on the slopes of Ruapehu about 3km to the south. The Upper Tama lake is located in a stunning setting, with Ngauruhoe just to the north. Keep a look out for pumice from the Taupo eruption at various places along the track. From the view point, it is possible to continue eastwards and follow the ridge to the east side Lower Tama Lake. This allows for a nice round trip back to the main Tama Saddle track. Upper Tama Lake occupies explosion craters that were active about 10,000 years ago, like the other nearby craters on Tama Saddle.

This hike is a good challenge for experienced hikers wanting to get away from the crowds. Although there are many streams that cross rivers, most are small streams. It’s a point to point hike and requires a shuttle pick up or drop off. The Tongariro Crossing is a one-day walk that has been called the best in New Zealand and is a must-see for all visitors to NZ.

Transport from our gate can drop you off on the Desert Rd, pick you up at the other end then deliver you back here at The Peaks. Alternatively you can park at Whakapapa village and do an ‘out and back’ trip toward the Tama Lakes. The track is located at a lower elevation than The Tongariro Crossing. It is therefore more accessible in bad weather.

Short Walks In The Tongariro National Park

When I first did this walk a few years ago there were a couple of places it can be a bit sticky, but it’s all been fixed now with an excellent track. Enjoy the short walk through the mountain beech forest at Tama lakes track the start of the track. The rest of the walk is open. The Tama Lakes are stunning with views out to Mt Ruapehu. You can find a well-formed track with boardwalks and a fully metalled track to the lower Tama Lake. From the lower lake to the upper lake there is an obvious track marked with poles.

Where is the Dunedin volcano?

The Banks Peninsula Volcano is an extinct volcanic complex to the east of Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island.

This hike begins just below the Iwikau Village, near the Whakapapa Ski Field. You need a shuttle for this one as it’s a point to point hike. This track is not maintained at the same level as the Crossing or Tama Lakes hike.

After rain it’ll pay to ask a local mountain expert for advice. It’s only a 10 minute drive from Rotopounamu to the Tokaanu hot pools. Head towards Turangi on SH 47 and turn left at the SH 42 intersection and follow the signs. You can cross a small bridge that crosses the Tokaanu Stream from the parking lot for the hot pools. One of the highlights of the walk is the Taranaki Falls which crashes down over a 15,000 year old lava flow.