Invisalign For Teens – A Parent’s Guide to Clear Aligners

Crooked teeth can make your teenager self-conscious when socializing with peers, but Invisalign provides a discreet alternative that will transform their smile and build their confidence.

Invisalign for Teens A Parents Guide to Clear Aligners

Beginning treatment involves consulting with an orthodontist at Palmetto Family Orthodontics to ascertain whether Invisalign is right for your teen. Once approved, impressions and x-rays will be taken so they can create a tailored treatment plan.

1. Discreet

Clear aligners offer an effective alternative to metal braces in terms of invisibility. Crafted of plastic that fits securely within the mouth and easily removable for eating and brushing, clear aligners help give teens a boost of confidence throughout treatment without feeling self-conscious due to wires and brackets.

Metal braces often impose food restrictions that prohibit certain foods, like popcorn, taffy, caramel, hard candy pizza crust and chewy meats from being enjoyed without damaging or trapping food underneath wires. With Invisalign for teens you don’t have to worry about these restrictions! They can enjoy all their favorite foods without worry.

Both Invisalign Teen and its parent Invisalign work essentially the same way, using SmartTrack clear plastic aligners custom-fabricated from SmartTrack plastic to fit perfectly over your teen’s smile. The process starts with digital impressions and scans of their teeth that allow your orthodontist to develop an individual treatment plan from beginning to end; blue compliance indicators on Invisalign Teen aligners make sure your child wears his trays for 22 hours daily to monitor his or her progress towards straighter smile.

2. Comfortable

Clear aligners offer an alternative to traditional braces, which may get caught in food or cause damage when eating hard foods, by being easily removed prior to meals and can allow your teen to brush and floss normally without worrying about getting caught between wires or brackets.

If your teenager participates in sports or instruments, it’s essential that they wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth. Unfortunately, many forget their guards when wearing braces which could damage them or even lead them to accidentally bite into soft tissues in their mouths.

As Invisalign for Teens trays are removable, your teen can quickly slip them out when participating in sports or other activities – meaning they can enjoy any food or drinks they want without worry of it getting stuck in their trays!

However, for optimal results it’s crucial that your teen wear their aligners for at least 22 hours per day – Invisalign Teen features compliance indicators which fade if they haven’t worn them enough and comes equipped with free replacement trays so your teen doesn’t run out midway through treatment.

3. Removable

Teens wearing Invisalign braces don’t need to worry about food becoming trapped and leading to painful mouth abrasions like traditional metal braces do; simply remove their aligners before eating or drinking – no restrictions, so they can enjoy all their favorite foods such as popcorn, taffy, licorice and pizza crust! Plus they can brush and floss as usual which helps prevent plaque buildup!

Invisalign can also be an ideal option for kids involved in extracurricular activities, such as swimming, playing sports or clarinet. While they may still require wearing a mouthguard during sports games, Invisalign’s much less cumbersome option than traditional metal braces with their teeth-grinding mouthguards is much preferable.

However, since aligners are removable and may easily get misplaced, losing them could delay treatment and could lengthen treatment time significantly. Therefore, it’s essential for children to keep track of their trays and be diligent about placing them back before taking out or taking out again – this will help them get closer to achieving a straight smile!

4. Affordable

Invisalign typically costs approximately the same as traditional braces and can often be covered by most dental insurance plans. Furthermore, many orthodontists offer flexible payment plans.

Your Teen Doesn’t Have to Avoid Certain Foods

With ceramic braces, your teen won’t have to avoid certain foods; they can enjoy popcorn, taffy and sticky candy without fearing they may damage their braces or wires – this makes sticking to their healthy diet simpler so they can continue growing strong teeth!

As long as their braces are out of their mouth, children with metal braces can continue to enjoy eating a wide range of foods like apples, carrots and pizza crust, which may otherwise be off limits to them.

Remind your teen that their aligners should be out for at least 22 hours daily in order to see results and speak to an orthodontist about setting reminders, creating routines, and tracking progress to ensure compliance. This will allow them to complete their treatment on schedule while creating a beautiful smile in Essex County!

5. Fast

With Invisalign, teens can achieve a straighter smile faster than with traditional braces; however, they must remain committed to wearing their aligners for at least 20 hours daily and keeping them clean. Failing to comply will prolong treatment time or even stop its effectiveness altogether.

Teens can keep tabs on their compliance to treatment by monitoring the blue indicators on their aligners, which fade over time if worn as directed. They should also plan regular appointments with an orthodontist to obtain new trays and assess progress of treatment.

Clear aligners offer an attractive alternative to metal braces that trap food, damaging them when consumed sticky, chewy or hard foods like gum. Being removable makes clear aligners a more flexible option and ensures that teens will wear their trays on schedule, leading them to achieve beautiful and healthy results!