Before some days I was planning to Calgary to attend marriage ceremony of my cousin so I went to the market to buy some apparel for me, I bought some trendy outfits so that I could look cool in the party. When I was returning after shopping, I started to feel little hunger and went to a restaurant which was well known for its burger recipe, reaching at restaurant I found that there were lots of crowd and many bikes and cars were parked there but soon I got into that food court and started viewing the menu card, and after a very few time I call waiter and ordered a capsicum pizza with cold drink.

After having that food I went to the counter and started talking about some discounts but instead of discount I was rewarded for a coupon code of a slot machine and you know I never miss any chance of playing online casino. I came back to my home and opened a website which was suggested me by that accountant of the restaurant and in very short time I chosen a slot machine which was listed as Big Kahuna. I read some reviews for that pokie from many blogs and forums and I got to know that it was a very simple pokie, designed by microgaming and very popular nowadays. That was enough information to me so I went to the site and started playing that online game.

The minimum waging range was 0.05 dollar per spin but that time I didn’t need to think about that because I had some free spins due to that coupon code, I played that five reel and nine payline poker machine for two hours and enjoyed so much. I downloaded an application for that contest because next month I will go Chicago and I want to play that event in the way while travelling.